Happy World Vegan Day!

While I am not 100% vegan (perhaps some day, but just being totally honest that I am not the perfect embodiment of the vegan lifestyle), but I still want to spread a little love today!
I first came to adopt a plant-based diet for health, but it has become so much more….
I eat plants because the food is delicious and who needs meat when you can eat the rainbow!
I eat plants because I want to set a good example for this fantastic little human I get to have as a niece.  I want to hopefully live a long and healthy life to see what changes she might make in the world!
I eat plants because the research is there that it is not only healthy for our bodies to eat less meat and animal products, but it is less burden on our beautiful planet.
I eat plants because while I love this big oaf and could never cook him up and eat him, I could never do that to any other animal, either.
And finally I eat plants because I love to use these legs to run, squat, and otherwise engage in my environment.  I feel fabulous when I eat all of the things that grow in the Earth.
I write this not to put anyone down or pass judgement on anyone else and their choice in diet or lifestyle.  I just want to share my experience that a plant-based lifestyle can be a wonderful way to live.  I ate meat for most of my life, so I know all too well that we are all evolving in our own personal journeys!
I also want to put out there I do not think it has to be all or nothing.  I don’t think I have met any perfect human being yet, and probably never will.  Be kind to yourself and be kind to others.  There is too much negativity in the world, so I prefer to focus on the good as much as I can!

Author: plantstoplanks

Personal trainer, nutrition and wellness consultant, plant-based cook, avid runner and book-lover. :)

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