21 Days of Healthy Holiday Habits–Accountability

Happy Saturday!  I hope you guys wrote down some goals yesterday for what you would like to accomplish in the next few months.  If not, this is your friendly reminder to take some time today and do it.  Which leads nicely into today’s tip–find an accountability partner.

To be totally honest, I have a job because people need accountability.  Of course I bring value in creating customized workout programs, watching form, giving nutrition advice, and the many other things I do daily with my clients.  However, one of the biggest reasons why people use personal training services is that they would not work out (or at least would not work out as hard or as successfully) without us.  Even as a personal trainer myself, I like to workout with some of my colleagues at least a few times a week because I know I will push just a little bit harder or do a different kind of workout than I would do on my own.

Find someone who has your back…or who will let you on theirs! 😉


Pick a person who you know will help you stay on track.  This could be a co-worker, spouse, friend, or family member.  If you are both working on goals, then it’s a win-win as you can hold each other accountable.  Another option is to try to find someone who you know is a little further along their health and fitness journey who can inspire you to push a little bit harder or do more than you would do if left to your own devices.

Go to the gym together if you can.  Eat lunch together if your buddy is a co-worker.  Share recipes, or better yet get together and do some meal prepping.  That way you can share the load with someone the rigors of chopping and cooking. 😉

Ultimately, just find someone who you know will help you hold yourself accountable and someone you feel comfortable enough sharing some things that you may not share with just anyone.  Even if that person is across the world, if it is someone you talk to regularly and can take the time to check in that’s what really matters!

As a final note, if you have always wanted to try out personal training, now would be a great time to check it out.  Most personal trainers will do a free assessment/first session so you can usually get a feel for it before you commit.  If you are in the Atlanta area I would love to meet with you!  Feel free to message me for any questions, even if you are not local. 🙂


Author: plantstoplanks

Personal trainer, nutrition and wellness consultant, plant-based cook, avid runner and book-lover. :)

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