21 Days of Healthy Holiday Habits–Getting Past the “All or Nothing” Mentality

Happy Friday!  I don’t know about you, but I have my first holiday party this weekend.  For some of you reading this, parties can be a tough social setting to navigate when trying to adopt healthier habits.  There are usually lots of things to eat and drink that you might not make a part of your usual routine.  The buffet setting at a lot of these events also makes it tough to not only make a healthy choice as to what you are ingesting, but it also can be challenging to keep track of how much.  It is even more challenging when you have multiple events in one weekend.

You can eat your beets but still enjoy a beer on occasion, too!

One of the most dangerous mentalities to have this time of year is the “all or nothing” mindset.  We all know (or are) these people–they are either totally perfect with their dietary choices and fitness, or they are on the opposite end of the spectrum and have a hard time saying no to indulgences.  It is not necessarily a bad thing to stay right on track by only eating wholesome foods, staying away from calorie-laden beverages and keeping up with your workouts.  Bravo to you if you are one of the rare people who never feel the need to indulge.  If that is you, then keep up the fantastic work!  However, for most of us it is not realistic to never indulge at all.  The key is finding a balance and not just throwing all of your hard work and goals out of the window.

Over the next few days I will go into a little more detail on some ideas for getting past this mindset in my daily tips.  Doing some of the things I have already talked about can help, as well.  Having realistic goals in particular is a great one to help keep you on track from going totally off the deep end making poor choices, but if you were smart in your goal-setting you will have also allowed for the occasional small treat.  Keeping up with your accountability person or group is also a good way to check in to make sure you are enjoying yourself in a reasonable way.  Having a buddy at a party can be particularly helpful to make sure you don’t go back to the dessert or drink table for the second or third time!

I also try to make sure not to bring “treat” foods home with me as much as possible.  I know sweets are my danger zone, so if I bring a few cupcakes or an extra piece of cake home with me after a party I will be more likely to continue to want that sugar long after.  Whereas if I can keep it to one small portion at a special event, I can go right back to my usual routine the next day.  If I am indulging in a sweet treat, I try to make sure I eat well otherwise.  If you prefer to have some savory treats, stay away from the sugary ones.  Find what you really know you enjoy whether it is a really good glass of wine or the perfect chocolate chip cookie, then get back to the green smoothies for the next meal. 😉

A green smoothie is a great way to reset to get back on track after a holiday party.

The same mentality can throw off your workout routine, as well.  I have had clients who feel like if they do not get in an hour run or workout then they may as well not do anything.  Getting in a few 20-30 minute workouts throughout the week is a whole lot better than not getting any in, so don’t let that mindset keep you from doing something.  I actually really like doing shorter workouts a few times a week because I know I can push harder in that short period of time without mentally fatiguing.  Changing up your workout duration is also a great way to put some variety in your routine which may stimulate better overall results!

Stop back by tomorrow when I’ll talk a little bit more about how planning ahead for your treats may make it easier to stay on track.  Have a great weekend!!


Author: plantstoplanks

Personal trainer, nutrition and wellness consultant, plant-based cook, avid runner and book-lover. :)

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