21 Days of Healthy Holiday Habits–Check in on Your Goals

Happy Friday guys!  Today’s post is going to be quick because spending time with my adorable little niece is more important than being on the computer (no offense dear readers).  This tip is also more of a reminder than anything else.

My question for you today is how are you doing on achieving your goals?  Two weeks ago to kick off this series I encouraged everyone to set some goals to finish out the year.  That first part can be challenging enough for people, but what is even harder is remembering those goals on a daily or weekly basis.  Even if your goals are long-term, you still need to put in the work in the shorter term to make sure you will have success.

Ideally you should have a plan already in place on the small steps to reach your goals, but little reminders can help you stay on track.  With all of the technology out these days, there is an app for everything.  Use it to your advantage by setting reminders each day.  If you are trying to drink more water, there are actually smart phone apps that will help you track your intake.  There are plenty of ways to track workouts, as well, if you are trying to hit some fitness goals.  I know a lot of people use those fancy activity-tracking watches that will remind you to get up and walk around every so often, so you can always use that as a tool for other things.


Personally, I am really happy with my own progress on the goals I shared with you all a few weeks back.  People are still surprised when I come in to work with my hair down, but I am hitting my mark twice a week on letting my brunette locks fly free. 😉  I have also meditated every day so far in November.  I have a little more work to do on some of my other ones, though, so I will definitely use some good momentum to see what I can accomplish in those areas!

If you haven’t been successful in your goals, this may also be a good time to reassess and possibly adjust your expectations.  If you realize one of your goals is really too lofty at the current time, it is better to scale back slightly than to totally give up.  Like I talked about in regards to workouts, it is better to get something in than nothing.  No one is perfect, so just try to do the best you can and celebrate even the smallest success!

Anyone want to share how they are doing on their goals for this holiday season?

Author: plantstoplanks

Personal trainer, nutrition and wellness consultant, plant-based cook, avid runner and book-lover. :)

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