21 Days of Healthy Holiday Habits–Get Outside!

Hey everyone!  I am back with another tip that I definitely need to incorporate even more in my own life–reconnecting with nature.  I know it can be a little bit tough in certain parts of the world in the winter time, but I encourage you to take advantage when you get even partially agreeable weather to spend a little bit of time outside.

Spending time in nature can be very restorative.  Whether you are moving around engaged in activity or just sitting quietly, being outside can help reduce stress and lower your blood pressure.  Due to most of our daily lives being centered around sitting at a desk, getting out can help stretch out your legs and get your blood flowing if you have been stuck in the same position all day.  Getting a bit of sunshine to boost your vitamin D levels is also important for immune function and bone density.

One of the views hiking Kennesaw Mountain

Some of the ways you can incorporate a quick trip outside are to take a walk during your lunch break.  Depending upon where you work you may even be able to walk to lunch and back.  If you have children, make a point to take them to the park or go for a bike ride if time and weather allows for it.  Having a dog makes it even easier, so perhaps just try to spend a little bit of extra time walking or playing with your pup when you can!  I even like to take my workout outside on occasion–a jump-rope and a good set of stairs can make for a great session!

If you are lucky enough to take a little trip to a nice warm beach during the winter months, make the most out of it by soaking up some sun in a responsible manner.  Since vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, your body can store some in reserve so even if you do not get outside every day it can still be beneficial to get little bits when you can.

Sunrise on Siesta Key Beach

Try to get some friends and family involved in your recreation, as well!  Whether playing a game of football on a holiday afternoon or making a weekend habit of meeting up with friends for a hike, having some accountability partners to keep you in the habit can help keep you on track.  Not to mention, it makes it even more fun when you can combine fitness and social interaction!  You may even help inspire someone you love to take control of their health in a more active manner.  🙂

What kind of outdoor activities do you do to make sure you are getting some fresh air every few days?

Author: plantstoplanks

Personal trainer, nutrition and wellness consultant, plant-based cook, avid runner and book-lover. :)

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