21 Days of Healthy Holiday Habits–Planksgiving Workout

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  I hope everyone who celebrates is ready to enjoy the holiday tomorrow.  The next few days can be a bit hectic, but try to remember to take a few moments to catch your breath here and there.  I am trying to listen to my own advice by not making things to crazy for myself, so my tips to finish out the healthy habits series are going to be a couple of fun workouts you can do anywhere!

I am not the first person to come up with the “planksgiving” theme, but I thought it played off of my blog name nicely. 😉  Planks are also a great exercise that you can do anywhere that work all of the muscles in the body in some way.  Today’s workout is all about the core.  You can either do the workout as a stand-alone session or just add a few rounds at the end of your regular routine

Planksgiving–Core Workout

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds then move to the next.  For a harder version, do not rest in between.  If you need to slow it down a bit, rest for 10-20 seconds before moving to the next exercise.  Rest 60 seconds between sets.  Repeat 3-4 times for a quick 30 minute workout!

  1. Mountain Climbers
  2. Low Plank
  3. Bicycles
  4. High Plank
  5. Side-Lying Double Leg Raise–Right
  6. Side Plank–Right
  7. Side-Lying Double Leg Raise–Left
  8. Side Plank–Left
  9. Supine Pike Crunch
  10. Low Plank Toe Tap Out
  11. Swimmers (Slow or Fast)
  12. Low Plank Alternating Leg Lift
  13. Back Extension
  14. Low Plank Alternating Arm Reach
  15. Cherry Pickers
  16. Shoulder Tap Plank

Check out the video on Instagram (@plantstoplanks)

Come back by tomorrow for a second helping! 😉


Author: plantstoplanks

Personal trainer, nutrition and wellness consultant, plant-based cook, avid runner and book-lover. :)

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