Plank Challenge Week 2

Hello again everyone!  I am back to share the compilation of the second week of the Plank Challenge.  This week we used one of my favorite tools for all of the variations–the BOSU ball.  If you have access to one, then give some of these moves a try.  If not, you can also do the same moves with your hands or feet on the ground to modify.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Day 1: Bosu Mountain Climber Plank

The Bosu adds an element of instability here, so make sure to try to keep your arms level and really lock in those core muscles to prevent wobbling as much as possible.  Start out slow and steady or pick it up for more of a challenge.  Perform this one for repetitions or time.

Day 2:  Bosu Plank Step Out

The step out (or plank lunge) is an excellent mobility exercise.  You’ll still get some core strength, but also a really good stretch through your hips.  This is a move I do a lot before running or other workouts.  Once again keep the Bosu ball level and step your forward foot flat to get the most out of the stretch.  Take a little extra time on each repetition to sink in to really work on that mobility.

Day 3:  Spiderman Plank w/ Pushup Optional

This move will also challenge your hip mobility in a slightly different way than the step out.  Keeping the foot elevated on each repetition will definitely challenge your arms and core strength, as well.  Add a pushup on each repetition if you really want a challenge.  Perform anywhere from 10-20 total reps on this one depending upon your fitness level.  Only continue as long as you can keep good form.

Day 4:  Grasshopper Plank

A final hip stretch, the grasshopper can help work on the external rotators of the hip while we are getting in our core work.  Once again take it slow and tap down the foot for more stability or keep the foot elevated during the movement for a greater challenge.

Day 5:  Bosu Side Toe Taps or Plank Jacks

Julie shows the beginner move of the tap and then progresses to the more challenging plank jack version on the Bosu.  Like most of these moves, try to maintain your hip position even during the jumping option.  Start off with 5 taps per side or 10 jumps, working your way up to 10 per side or 20 jumps total.

Day 6:  Bosu Hand Walk Plank

Jason was so kind to show another great upper body challenge on this one.  For beginners just do the walking across the Bosu, but this is of course another great one to throw in a pushup if you want to pump up the chest and arms, as well.  Keep it controlled to maintain your form throughout the set.

Day 7:  Bosu Side Plank Hip Drop

And we finish off the week with another side plank variation.  We can’t forget those obliques!  Try to keep the shoulders in line throughout and really engage those core muscles from all angles.  You can also modify this one by doing it on the floor or even keeping the bottom knee dropped down for a true beginner move.  Start out with 5 per side and work your way up!

I hope you enjoy these variations on the classic plank.  You can never have too many options in your workout arsenal!

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