Hello all!  My name is Katie and this is yet another food, fitness and lifestyle blog.  I am a personal trainer and nutrition coach who is extremely passionate about eating a plant-based diet and using fitness as a way to live a full, healthy life.  I figured that having one more voice encouraging people to take care of themselves cannot be a bad thing.

I became a trainer in 2009.  Then after inadvertently omitting meat from my meal plan for a week in 2013 and feeling great as a result, I started researching the benefits of a plant-based diet.  Shortly thereafter, I cut meat out for good and gradually reduced my dairy and egg consumption, as well.  I am not entirely perfect (sweets are my downfall), but at this stage in life I try to avoid consuming any animal-based foods.  I started for health and personal reasons, but continue for ethical to be encouraged and environmental reasons.  I truly enjoy cooking, so I hope to share some of that joy with you guys!

On the fitness end, I opt most often for working out in the gym and running.  I train people with any variety of goals and in all stages of life.  My philosophy on fitness is similar as that on diet–I train (myself and others) to be healthy, not just to lose weight.  There are any number of quick weight loss programs or crash diets that can get you to drop a few pounds, but I would rather teach people how to develop sustainable habits for lifetime success.  The world of exercise is a beautiful thing as there are so many options to choose from–weights, balls, bands, dancing, running, rowing, yoga, etc.  I believe everyone can find something they can do to stay fit and active!

If you are in the Atlanta area and want to inquire about personal training or nutrition coaching, feel free to contact me for more information!  You can also check out my home away from home at Excellence in Exercise to find out more about the studio where I have the pleasure of working.  I have also started adding in some outdoor sessions in the local area, as well!

Check out my Instagram @plantstoplanks for extra tips and videos!